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Insurance Billing Source specialized in dealing with insurance carriers on your behalf. Our primary services are estimating and billing for restoration and reconstruction companies. We have streamlined operations to better communicate with insurance companies and get you paid faster and for services rendered.

Our edge is our 20 years of experience in insurance industry. In fact, most of us come from insurance industry working as adjusters dealing with contractors such as yourself. We have branches nationwide besides Texas. We are rapidly expanding our network to have more physical representations throughout the country.

So, you ask why us?

Here is the thing. We believe our services pay for themselves. Think about the resources you have to dedicate to dealing with estimating, billing and working with insurance companies. How long does it take for you to get paid? Months or weeks!? How much does it take to train your staff? How many employees do you have dedicated to estimating, billing and keeping in constant communication with the insurance companies?

Here is where we can help you. We work closely with you and tailor our estimates in accordance to the way you do your business. It is not the other way around. All you have to do is fill out the scope sheets we send you and provide us with the supporting documents. The rest is up to us! After receiving the documents and the scope sheet, we complete the estimate on your behalf and send it to you for your approval. Once approved, we bundle all requested documents and send it to the carrier along with the bill. We make it a point to follow up with the carrier to ensure timely processing of the claim. You can always monitor the progress on the claim through access to our online management software. You can check status and monitor all activities in relations to all your claims 24/7.

You also have a dedicated estimator working with you the old fashion way! No automated phone service or outsourced answering services. An actual person – in Houston – who knows his/her business whom you can call or email directly to get answers.

Oh, by the way, did I mention we don’t get paid until you get paid!

So, let the experts at RIBS Houston help grow your business.
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