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We specialize in insurance estimating, accounts receivable and billing for:

  • Water Mitigation
  • Fire Mitigation
  • Roofing
  • Biohazard Cleanup
  • Mold Removal
  • Reconstruction
  • Mortgage Check Processing for an additional charge.*
  • Letters with intent to lien and in-house lien services



Save Time

Let’s face it, in your business time is money. We will take 100% of the estimating/billing and dealing with insurance companies off your shoulders so you can focus on building your business. This allows you to focus on bringing in new clients and managing your company instead of spending all your time chasing the money.

Increased Cash flow

Our billing experts and account representatives help you get paid faster by following our proven systems and methodologies that we developed over the past 25 years in the business.

We Handle It All

We handle the billing, the accounts receivables, sending the file into the carrier, the negotiations, the estimates if needed, following up with the insurance companies on payments, and track where the checks went and who is on the checks. Everything we do is 100% transparent.

Save Money

The costs are much less expensive than hiring, training, and managing staff to handle your billing and then having to pay and keep track of all those taxes and insurance. Our dedicated and highly skilled billing experts become your virtual team.


* We understand the frustration of having the mortgage companies name on the check. We offer
A service where after having the checks signed off from the insured, we will contact the bank, fill out the paperwork and submit to the mortgage company. We will continue to follow up until you are paid. We will also supply the paperwork for the insured to sign off for communication with the bank.



  • Each client is assigned an account manager. This is the person who specifically handles your account and answers all your questions. The account manager oversees the billers who gather up all the paperwork and put it into a pdf report for submitting directly to the insurance company or adjuster with a letter of introduction and who and where to pay.

You Send Us the Filled Out Scope Sheets or We can send you blank forms to fill out if you don’t have your own

  • Our core business is providing estimates and billing services for restoration contractors. If you don’t have your own scope sheets and logs, we will provide them for you. These scope sheets provide us with the work that was performed, materials removed, and equipment used. You send us back the scope sheets with the photos, direction of pay or assignment of benefits and we will prepare the paperwork to be sent to the insurance company.

We handle the tedious back office accounts receivables for you

  • We collect all the data to include logs, photos, estimates, contracts and put them into a very nice package. We then submit this package to the insurance company and get all the pertinent information to follow up. We make a phone call at the inception of the submission to obtain pertinent information on who the mitigation/remediation claim is being handled by. We continue to follow up with emails and phone calls every 3-5 days for tracking purposes. At the end of 30 days we then prepare a 10 day letter for demand of payment. We can also tailor to your requests if you would like to be included on all correspondence. With your permission we handle the negotiations for the final payment based on your parameters and authorization. We then track the payment for your services until the payment is in your hands.

100% Transparency

  • Your files are easy to view and manage with FileTrac which features multi-user capability. Authorized persons can view all the progress notes at the same time giving you the inside track of your files 24/7 as the program is cloud based. Only you have the access and password. FileTrac improves the communication with all parties assigned to their file with the use of FileTrac’s Diary Notes & Quick Notes. Your access includes the ability to upload files and docs and to download the same.