Why hire us to handle your billing and accounts receivables?

Save Time

Let’s face it, in your business time is money. We will take 100% of the estimating/billing and dealing with insurance companies off of your shoulders so you can focus on building your business. This allows you to focus on bringing in new clients and managing your company instead of spending all your time chasing the money.

Increased Cashflow

Our billing experts and account representatives help you get paid faster by following our proven systems and methodologies that we developed over the past 25 years in the business.

We Handle It All

We handle the billing, the accounts receivables, sending the file into the carrier, the negotiations, the estimates if needed, following up with the insurance companies on payments, and track where the checks went and who is on the checks. Everything we do is 100% transparent.

Save Money

The costs are much less expensive than hiring, training, and managing staff to handle your billing and then having to pay and keep track of all those taxes and insurance. Our dedicated and highly skilled billing experts become your virtual team.